Bronwyn Watson has a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and a BSN in nursing. After retiring from nursing she began to make art again, working with clay and opened the Green Turtle Studios in Siler City NC.

Artist Statement

My work in ceramics has slowly evolved over the years starting out with low relief wall hangings of plants and animals. It then evolved into 3-dimensional animal heads and finally into free standing animal sculptures. 

Most recently I have started making composite animals or Chimera’s.  I have always been fascinated by the fantastical beasts depicted in the art of ancient cultures  such as the Middle East and the Middle Ages.  An example would be a Griffin- the half lion, half eagle creature.  I enjoy fusing different parts of various animals into one as if to  bring disparate parts together to make a new whole that appears believable. 

 My creative process begins with sketching or doodling.  I hope for inspiration to strike and  some sort of animal to emerge that I can use to build a sculpture from.   If I try to consciously create a figure, the result is not very pleasing and is lacking a sense of aliveness.

Using Format