Bronwyn Watson has a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and a BSN in nursing. After retiring from nursing she began to make art again, working with clay and opened the Green Turtle Studios in Siler City NC.

Artist Statement

As a clay artist,  my subject matter comes from plants as well asanimals and other parts of the natural world.  I started out making narrative ceramic wall pieces using this subject matter and eventually evolved from low relief images to 3 dimensional animal heads. 

This  past year of Covid felt like a year spent in limbo as far as my art work was concerned, but now that things have started opening up more, so has my work.  It has  taken a new turn - coming off the wall and appearing as free-standing sculpture. I still reference nature taking elements, forms and shapes from it and putting them together in new ways to make a cohesive whole. My hope is that the viewer will be reminded of plants and flowers as they look at the sculptures. 

I can’t possibly recreate mother natures’ ingenuity and inventiveness, , so my creations are just a nod to nature.  I like placing them in a garden,  among living plants and flowers .The inspiration for them lies there and it seems a good place to bring another dimension into the garden.

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